Casino film review

Casino film review play new casino slots

It's a testament to these committed performances and Scorsese's expertise that this film still manages to stand alone as a very fine piece of cinema in it's own right. Where Scorsese does succeed, is in his casting of DeNiro. The most obvious revied being the casting of Joe Pesci.

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An interview with Martin Scorsese on CASINO (1995) Of all the bravura visual effects in Martin Scorsese's dazzlingly stylish "Casino," it's a glimpse of ordinary people that delivers the greatest jolt. Read the Empire review of Casino. Find out everything you need to know about the film from the world's biggest movie destination. Reviews Counted: 61 . January 25, | Rating: B- | Full Review Casino is Scorsese's 'messy drawer' of a movie; disconnected scenes.

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